Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New Wave Tankards

One of the biggest misconceptions about Pewter Tankards is that they're an antiquated item, looking more towards the past than future. It's easy to see why you might get that idea. Think about Tankards and you instantly conjure up images of men of yore sitting around an ale house knocking back a pint or two (or ten!) of their favourite brew. Over here at Tankard Blog however we care as much about the present as we do the past. If a classic Pewter Tankard design is not for you then Tankard Blog is on hand to make some more contemporary suggestions.

Pint 'Glass' Pewter Tankards

You've seen these before, albeit in other forms. These contemporary Pewter Tankards are shaped like the classic pint glasses adorning pretty much every local pub or bar. I think all of them would look distinctive and cool anywhere. Clockwise from left, we have the Straight Sided Pint 'Glass' Pewter Tankard, The Continental Pewter Tankard, The Bitter 'Pint' Pewter Tankard and finally The Pint 'Glass' Pewter Tankard. As much as we love our Vintage Tankards, sometimes you just want a nice lager or bitter in something that leans little bit more towards modernity...

The Guinness Pewter Tankard

Ok, so Guinness isn't exactly the most modern and sophisticated of beverages. But that's why we all love it. As one of the most time honoured and simple yet brilliant beers, it is definitely deserving of a Pewter Tankard that reflects its status as the powerhouse of all Celtic brews. The Guiness Pewter Tankard has an elegance in its simple curve that reflects a modern adherance to simplicity. The graceful aesthetics of the Guinness Pewter Tankard reflects the lasting appeal of a beer that is able to reinvent itself without losing any of the vitality that made it so essential in the first place!

Claret Translucent Stripe Tankard

Finally we have the Claret Translucent Stripe Tankard, composed of all sleek sides and quirkly handle (available in other colours, being a Villa fan I just like this best!). One of the defining features of many a tradional Tankard is lots of various curves and squiggles. As much as I love that, I also love challenging design, and the Claret Translucent Stripe Tankard is all about that. The simplicity of this Tankard lies in its eschewing of traditional Tankard design for a new look that revolutionises ways in which to drink your beer! Definitely one of more favourite Contemporary Pewter Tankard designs.

Well, that concludes my rundown of cool modern Pewter Tankards. All of these great designs and many are available from Tankardstore.com. Stick around for more cool Tankard news!

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