Thursday, 26 August 2010

Easy oars.....Rowing Pewter Tankards!

Greetings! Over at Tankard Blog, you probably know we love our sports very much so (look no further than our recent new football tankards post). Well, you may or may not know this, but one sport that has a strong history with the humble pewter tankard is that most gruelling of activities, Rowing.

It has long been tradition for the winning prize in a rowing contest to be a personalised tankard adorned with the names of the crew from the winning college to celebrate their acheivement. Just look to the left and check out this beautiful 1893 Oxford University Queen's College Pewter Rowing Tankard presented to the members of the University's winning team. The physical activity demanded by the sport of rowing, a nuanced balance between strength and rhythm, demands a reward that reflects the ruggedness of the past time. We definitely think this antique tankard more than fits the bill.

Fear not however, Rowing Pewter Tankards are not a thing of the past! are unveiling two specially selected rowing tankards that would make a fine prize for any rowing contest. There is the One Pint Rowing Pewter Tankard with vintage curved Georgian design and Rowing Pewter Tankard with Stepped Lid. Both have plenty of room for engraving names of schools and team mates. What better way to celebrate a well earned victory for you and your crew? Get starboard and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

New football football tankards!

Here at Tankard Blog we love the football almost as much as a good Pewter Tankard. Watching the big match with a nice spot of ale is absolute heaven for many, and with the Premiership kick off less than two weeks away, we think there is no better way to celebrate than with a special new football themed Tankard.

The good news is that over at you are spoilt for choice. To honour the new season they are releasing this new Premiership Pewter Tankard with Football Encapsulation. I have one myself and I can't wait to roll it out for my team's first match (Villa fan, alas). It looks great and will really get you in the mood for some quality football this season.

Thats not all though, Tankardstore has a variety of more great Football Pewter Tankards including the great Embossed Football Scene Pewter Tankard and the England International themed Three Lions Pewter Tankard.

Check out for even great ideas for pewter tankards.