Tuesday, 13 July 2010

How to Clean a Pewter Tankard

Hello again, over here at Tankard Blog we love our Pewter Tankards, but there is something we loathe almost as much and that is a grubby Pewter Tankard! However fear not there are ways to get your Tankard fresh and clean. Presenting a quick and easy guide to getting your tankard looking good as new.

1) Get a pewter tankard. If you don't already then Tankardstore.com has over 100 Pewter Tankards with engraving available.

2) Have a few beers!

3) Thoroughly wash the inside using a solution of clean, warm water and several drops of washing up liquid, then rinse thoroughly with clean water before polish.

4) Make the polish for cleaning the pewter tankard. Your polish should be a paste made of vinegar, salt, and flour. If you would prefer to buy your polish, they can be found online, at hardware stores, or lumberyards.

5) Rub your pewter tankard in circular motions with a soft cloth and your polish gently to shine up your pewter. By doing this, you are actually taking off a very fine layer of pewter and dirt. You can also take out very fine scratches by doing this.

6) Rotate the cloth and continue cleaning the pewter tankard. As the cloth slowly turns black, rotate the cloth to insure that you are always cleaning with a clean part. This blackness that appears as the pewter tankard is cleaned is the pewter and dirt coming off the pewter tankard. As you do this more, you will notice your pewter becoming shinier and shinier.

7) Rinse and dry the pewter tankard. The last step in the cleaning process of a pewter tankard is to rinse the tankard carefully. Once all soap or cleaning mixture has been removed from the pewter the tankard can be buffed dry.

Warning: I would steer well clear of cleaning pewter in a dishwasher. Detergent for dishwashing machines is too harsh for this metal. In addition, if a pewter tankard is used for juice, soft drinks or other acidic beverages, wash it immediately after use to prevent corrosion.

And there you go, a great and simple technique for getting those Pewter Tankards looking fantastic again. If you have any further questions about the cleaning process please don't hesitate to send them over, Tankard Blog is here to help.

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